The leisure of Ukmergė district inhabitants, possibilities for self-expression and general cultural sophistication are influenced by the activities of cultural institutions. Different showpieces, reflecting the cultural and historic past of Ukmergė, are exhibited in the Regional museum and its branches of Vepriai and Užugiris.  The public library of Vladas Šlaitas stores over 300 thousand of various documents and printed literature. The library and its branch offices develop the network of public Internet access; organize different events designed for popularization of books and reading. The employees of the Culture Centre participate arranging national, local and other events and festivals. There are about 150 circles of self-expression in the Culture Centre and its branch offices, including three mixed choirs, four vocal ensembles, two folk groups, a pop-group of children, four dance groups, two theatre groups for adults and one for children, a circle of ceramics for children, etc. About 2 thousand residents of the district spend their free time there. Quite a few circles have operated for a long time and have their traditions, achievements and victories. The following public organizations of culture operate in the town of Ukmergė and its district: Ukmergė cultural association, Art association, film and photo club “Horizontas”, Ukmergė association of folk artists, litterateurs’ association, youth music club “Rockmergė” and others.

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