Ukmergė has deep business traditions. At the beginning of 2009 5 stock companies, 299 joint stock companies, 214 personal enterprises, 103 associations, 6 cooperative companies, 5 companies of agriculture operated in the district. The largest companies are concentrated in town. Wood and metal working, road building, sewing industry, construction, manufacturing of wood products and furniture are priority branches of industry. The largest companies are: stock company “Ukmega” and joint stock company “Algbarsa” (metal working), stock company “Vilkma” (sewing), JSC “Aukmergės baldai” and JSC "Narbutas & Ko" (production of furniture), JSC „Likmerė“ (fibreboard), stock company “Ukmergės keliai” (highways and over bridges construction).

One of the largest public institutions in the country, “Ukmergės miškų urėdija” (Ukmergė directorate of forests) possesses 36 830 ha of national forests.

The entire Ukmergė district is considered to be a less favourable region for farming. Following the data of 2009, there were 4 316 farms in the district. The average size of them was 11.0 ha. In addition to this, there were 14 companies of agriculture, registered in the district. Their average size was 424.7 ha. Most of the farmers in the district are engaged in stock-raising and crop production.

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