Ukmergė has always been an important crossroad of the state as one of the largest highway of Lithuania A2 Vilnius – Panevėžys – Riga (international corridor E272 connecting Tallinn and Minsk) as well as the highway A6 Kaunas – Utena connecting Warsaw and St. Petersburg, cross here. Such a geographical position creates favourable conditions not only for concentration of industry and its expansion but also for development of new logistics, transport maintenance, leisure and tourism services. Infrastructure of economy and natural resources also allows business expansion. JSC “Ukmergės vandenys“ supplies underground water from deep mining holes (40-180 metres of depth). Electric power is supplied by 3 lines joined in thimbles, and, in case of trouble, the lines are switched quickly. An arterial gas-pipe crosses the town and possibilities of joining the networks of natural gas are unlimited.

Last Update: 2018-03-08 15:14:57