2021 m. gruodžio 23 d.

Greetings from foreign partner towns to Ukmerge

Ukmergė District Municipality is proud to have an impressive list of international partner cities. We are friends with as many as 18ntowns in different countries: in Germany, Ukraine, Hungary, England, Sakartvel, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, and other parts of Europe. Every year, before the major holidays of the year, the Ukmergė District Municipality Administration used to congratulate its partner cities on Christmas and the New Year and received many creative greetings from foreign partners. This year is no exception. Cities in Estonia, Sweden, Ukraine and Hungary not only send their best wishes to the residents of our district but also share snapshots of how their cities are preparing for Christmas and 2022. We invite you to visit our festive friends in Ukmergė district and share the greetings they sent us.