2021 m. spalio 25 d.

Korosten and Ukmergė: Partnership-building for the common good

On 22 October 2021, a first meeting between Korosten (Ukraine) and Ukmergė (Lithuania) took place online. Earlier, the two municipalities expressed interest to establish a new partnership in the framework of the project “Bridges of Trust”. The project is implemented by the Council of European Municipalities and Regions and PLATFORMA, and is funded by the U-LEAD with Europe programme, a multi-donor action of the European Union and its member states Germany, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia and Slovenia.

During the first meeting, the partners presented their municipalities to each other and discussed possible areas of co-operation. It was remarked by the speakers on both sides how similar the two communities are, for example, in terms of key business sectors (e.g. woodworking), interest in green tourism, culture and even some joint challenges (e.g. ageing of the population, migration of the young people, investments).

Energy efficiency and rising gas prices, waste management, investments and business attractiveness, COVID-19, digitalization of public services, are just some of the topics that were discussed during this first exchange.

The exchanges will continue to take place online during the next months. In spring 2022, it is planned that representatives of Korosten will visit Ukmergė to learn more about its successful projects and to see what aspects of these projects can be taken, adapted and integrated to the local realities in Korosten.  As has been correctly pointed out by mayor, Rolandas Janickas, it is always better to see something once, and Ukmergė is looking forward to welcome Ukrainian colleagues next year.