Visit to Kiskunmajsa
2021 m. rugsėjo 14 d.

Visit to Kiskunmajsa

On 2-5 September, a delegation of the Ukmergė District Municipality led by the Director of the Administration Darius Varnas visited Kiskunmaijsa, Hungary.

Delegates that attended events in Hungary were Darius Varnas, Angelė Jokubynienė, Member of the Ukmergė District Municipality Council, Vitalijus Martikonis, Director of the Ukmergė Sports Centre, and Airida Klevinskienė, Chief Specialist of the Information Technology and Public Relations, Division.

Representatives from Ukmergė attended the opening ceremony of the town festival, watched a folk dance performance by the Mayossa Folk Dance Ensemble, took part in a discussion with representatives of Kiskunmajsa's partners from Germany, Romania, and Poland, and had their photographs taken in front of the KISKUNMAYOSA sign. Lithuanians introduced their products produced in the Ukmergė region, such as Baumkuchen, bread, and authentic national costumes of our region at one of the exhibitions organized by hosts.

On the occasion of the town's celebration, the mayor was presented with a gift - a work of art symbolizing the friendship between the two towns. The author of this work is Rimantas Zinkevičius. The delegation also had the opportunity to admire his works in Kiskunmajsa itself. The folk artist has donated a number of his works to the Hungarian town.

The inhabitants of Kiskunmajsa, together with their mayor Patkos Zsolto, send their best wishes to the inhabitants of the Municipality of Ukmergė District. Ukmergė District Municipality staff hopes that the relationship with the Kiskunmajsa will continue for a long time and that a lot of successful projects will be implemented together.